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Opalinka team

Meet our team members. Individual approach and home environment make Opalinka a great place for above-standard pre-school education of your children.

Daniela Vítová 

“Originally, I am a nurse with experience in the resuscitation department and the nursery. I am the mother of 4 (3 are already adults) and the active grandmother of 4 grandchildren. During the upbringing of my children, I became interested in the issues of education and special pedagogy. I received my pedagogical education at the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University in Prague, where I graduated from the Special Education Pedagogy. I worked as a governess, as a lecturer of leisure activities, many times I was a health professional and a teacher at outdoor schools, trips and trips with children. Working with children is also a hobby for me, so I spend part of my vacation as a teacher in children’s camps and sometimes work as a nanny in my free time. My great hobby is singing and I use my experience in the interactive music project Return of Folklore to kindergartens and schools in our kindergarten. For me, children are an inexhaustible source of inspiration in self-improvement and constant learning of something new.”

              Eliška Čuříková

I graduated from the Pedagogical Lyceum with a focus on sports education. Subsequently, the Higher Vocational School of Social and Legal Studies. Both schools gave me a great knowledge base to work in the industry. I have been working with children in camps since a young ages. I focus mostly on children of preschool age. I have only had a short experience in a private kindergarten so far, but I would like to get a foothold in this area. The age group of children from 1-6 years old radiates a very positive energy that enriches both my work and personal life.”

             Karin Šafrová

After finishing high school, I started working in a children’s group. Working with children appealed to me so much that I subsequently qualified as a nanny for children until the start of compulsory schooling. I myself have siblings 15 years younger, whom I have been devoted to since their birth and participate in their upbringing and care. It’s great to see them grow, learn and try new things.“

Nikol Pitrof

My professional qualification is a nanny for children until the start of compulsory schooling. Upon successful completion, I knew that working with children was the right thing for me. I have been working with Children since 2015 and I have found great pleasure in it. I have a little daughter and taking care of children, playing with them and seeing their glowing eyes is the most one can wish for. I like to pass on new experiences and knowledge to them, from their first steps to preschool age.


Opalinka Říčany
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Head of Opalinka Říčany
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Dětská skupina Opalinka z.s.

Registration number: 03788784  

File number: L 61981 (Municipal Court in Prague)


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