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Meet our team. Native speakers teach English through games and common communication and give your children a head start over their peers at an early age.

Meredith Griebel

Teacher, native English speaker

Education: university

I was born and raised in Arkansas, USA. I have always liked to work with children and started my first job when I was 12 years old. Throughout high school, I worked as a swim instructor for children aged 6 months to 12 years. Later, I decided to move to Prague to study, travel and get to know different cultures. In 2019, I received TEFL certification from the International TEFL Academy and began teaching. I also worked at an English summer camp with teenagers. I try to see the world through the kids’ eyes; searching for monsters and werewolves, and having dance parties. I am happy to observe the individual progress of the children. We learn together and have fun indefinitely. We teach them everything – from science, math, reading and writing, to good behavior and how to manage emotions. I believe that children should always feel safe and comfortable, and I try to make the learning environment as inclusive as possible. We are a small school family and I truly love and want the best for each of the children.

Jessica Larson

Teacher, native English speaker

Education: high school

In Prague since 2016

“I come from a small town in Idaho, USA where my love for teaching children began. When I was 26 I decided to travel and wanted to meet new people, cultures and places. Traveling taught me how to attract children’s attention and taught me patience. I also believe in a calm and positive attitude and creating a safety environment for learning. I enjoy working with children and I like to encourage them to try new things, to be creative. My goal is to bring plenty of fun, joy and creativity to our kindergarten.”

Danni Morgan

Teacher, native English speaker

Education: university

“I was born in England and raised in New Zealand. I studied a Bachelor degree in both Marketing and Psychology, which I obtained at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. From back home, I have had lots of experience as a nanny and a babysitter, looking after kids during holiday time as well as after school. I am also very lucky to be an aunty to two amazing little girls, who are now 4 and 6 years old. I spent the majority of this year home-schooling them during the lockdown in the UK. They have given me plenty of hands on experience working with younger children! I am very excited for this opportunity to work at Opalinka and I look forward to meeting you all.”

Aneta Řezníčková

Teacher, native Czech speaker

Education: university

“My entire studies from high school to master’s degree were focused on preschool education. High school prepared me to work with children, especially from a practical point of view. I worked intensively with children in kindergartens as part of internships and I created puppet shows for children, I performed in theater and music performances for children, I participated in organizing events with an educational character. The college gave me an insight into preschool education in a much deeper dimension.The child’s pre-school period is one of the most key stages in a child’s life. During this period, the child’s brain is the most plastic and literally absorbs everything like a sponge. It has a great influence on the relationship and success in further learning in primary school. My goal is therefore to develop the child so that he reaches his maximum possible level of development in terms of mental, emotional, physical, social and learning and is prepared for compulsory school attendance. Everyone is unique and typical, so it is necessary to approach children individually and respect their personality, and thus strengthen their self-confidence and self-concept. To support their curiosity with the help of questions and lead them to such learning, where the child comes to information on the basis of games and active activities and gains experience without passing on ready-made knowledge. During my studies, I helped in kindergartens as a teacher in the summer months.During the university, I also worked as a teacher internship as a teacher for preschool children at a Czech-Slovak school in London and subsequently as a teacher’s assistant at an English kindergarten and primary school in London. Working with children fills me, it is important for me to help children gain confidence in themselves and constantly motivate them to discover the world around them, so that learning is a game, have a positive attitude to learning, enjoy new experiences and information and in short, to reveal as much as possible what is in them, and last but not least, so that I too can constantly improve and be a good teacher.”


Opalinka Flora
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We would like to inform you that we succeeded in applying for a grant from the European Union funds within the Operational Program Research, Development and Education (Templates II. For OPALINKA kindergarten and nursery sro, reg. Number CZ.02.3.X /0.0/0.0/18_064/0013161). Our goal is personal development of teachers, joint education of children and pupils, facilitating the transition of children from kindergarten to elementary school and support extracuricular activities incl. cooperation with parents of children and pupils.

We would like to inform you that we have succeeded in applying for a subsidy from the European Union funds within the Operational Program Prague - Growth Pole of the Czech Republic 07.4.68 (0.0 / 0.0 / 18_066 / 0001353). Our aim is to improve the quality of education by promoting a favorable environment for the inclusion of children with other than Czech mother tongue.

We would like to inform you that we have succeeded in applying for a subsidy from the European Union funds, within the Operational Program Prague - Growth Pole of  the Czech Republic (Multicultural Education in OPALINKA kindergarten and nursery sro, reg. Number CZ.07.4.68 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 17_045 / 0000661). The project is focused on the personnel support of the OPALINKA kindergarten consisting in the introduction of a bilingual assistant for children with different mother tongue, education and personal development of the teacher kindergarten staff focused on intercultural community activities and support for an inclusive school environment. The aim of the project is to develop in areas that the school will identify as a priority for its development and future direction in creating a pro-inclusive school environment and for the inclusion of children and pupils with different mother tongues.