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Meet our team. Native speakers teach English through games and common communication and give your children a head start over their peers at an early age.

Elena Šarifová


Education: university

”It has always been my great hobby to learn foreign languages, that is why I graduated from the University of Pedagogy, majoring in English and German. At the same time, I have always gravitated towards children, I have 3 children myself, which is why I decided in 2005 to found a language center for children of preschool and school age. I know from my experience that the earlier a child starts learning a foreign language, the better. Children in this period learn the language quickly, they do not think about it like adults. So my goal is to teach children a foreign language through play, so that learning takes place in a natural way.

After gaining a lot of experience in teaching children’s language, I founded a Czech-English kindergarten in 2015. It is a joy for me to see when a child begins to speak not only one foreign language, but two at the same time. I know that teachers are a very key factor, I always choose them with my heart and some of my own intuition, and I must point out that I am doing well. We have a great team of teachers.

Aneta Řezníčková

Director, teacher, native Czech speaker

Education: university

“My entire studies from high school to getting my master’s degree were focused on early childhood education. Secondary school prepared me for working with children, especially from a practical point of view. I worked intensively with children in kindergartens as part of my internship and created puppet shows for children, performed in theater and musical performances for children, and participated in the organization of educational events. University gave me a much deeper insight into preschool education. A child’s preschool period is one of the most crucial stages of a child’s life. During this period, the child’s brain is the most plastic and literally absorbs everything like a sponge. It has a great influence on the relationship and success in further learning at primary school. So my goal is to develop the child so that he reaches his maximum possible level of development in terms of psychological, emotional, physical, social and also in learning. In short, to be ready for compulsory school attendance. Everyone is unique and typical, therefore it is necessary to approach children individually and respect their personality, thereby strengthening their self-concept. Support their curiosity with the help of questions and lead them to such learning, where the child, based on games and active activities, comes to information and gains experience without passing on ready-made knowledge. During my studies, I helped in kindergartens as a teacher in the summer months. During university, I also worked as a teacher of pre-school children in a Czech-Slovak school in London as part of a practical internship, and then as a teacher’s assistant in an English kindergarten and primary school in London. Working with children fulfills me, it is important for me to help children gain confidence in themselves and to constantly motivate them to discover the world around them, to make learning a game, to have a positive attitude towards learning, to enjoy newly acquired experiences and information and in short, to reveal to the surface what is in them. And also so that I can constantly improve myself and be a good teacher.”

Holly Van Order

Teacher, native English speaker

Education: university

I am from the sunny state of California where I studied and got my two degrees in mathematics and science, and social and behavioral health. With the urge to travel and explore Europe, I came to the Czech republic to study, received my TEFL certification and fell in love with Prague which I am happy to call home. I have been teaching in preschools and kindergartens since 2014. I enjoy teaching children because of their boundless creativity and different ways of seeing and understanding the world. In my free time, I enjoy hiking in nature, reading and watching movies.

Carolyn Hart

Teacher, native English speaker

Education: university

” I am American and have lived abroad with my teacher husband for over 12 years. I am a mom to two young adults who grew up in third cultures. We enjoy Prague for its rich culture and quality of life. This is our sixth year in Prague after having a break in the USA during the Covid-19 pandemic. I come to Opalinka with a love for young children to help them grow and learn. I have been in the preschool classroom in schools in North Africa, the Middle East, the USA and Europe. Children can learn best when they feel secure and cared for while they are at school. My 8 years of teaching children from different parts of the world has helped me understand how to guide children in play while they are simultaneously learning English. I follow best practices for young children from both the UK and the USA. My favorite activities are literacy focused; reading books and telling stories. I understand that the environment is the third teacher and strive to make the classroom a stimulating, calm place. Teaching young children is a most rewarding experience!”

       Kaity Bitter       

Teacher, native English speaker

Education: university

“Hello, I’m Kaity!
I am from Canada and have lived in the Czech Republic since 2020. I received my TEFL Certification in 2022 and have been working with kids for seven years. I have taught English at a language school in Prague and also with one on one lessons. 
I believe that when kids feel safe and loved, magic happens. In the classroom, I want every student to feel valued and cared for, because it is then that they reach their highest potential. 
Building an inclusive, caring and curious classroom environment is so important to me. I love reading, art, and having class discussions. Watching students learn and grow is so rewarding as a teacher!”

             Zachary Moustis

Teacher, native English speaker

Education: university

“I was born in Buffalo, New York and graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Communication and Culture. After my studies, I worked as a children’s TV show producer, activity coordinator for after-school programs, swim instructor, and online ESL teacher.  In 2021, I obtained my TEFL Certificate and began working in Prague.  I have worked as an Elementary and Secondary school teacher as well as a private teacher for children and adults.  I bring my knowledge and creativity to create dynamic and inspiring lessons.  I particularly love to incorporate music and games.  I believe that children are naturally curious and interested in the world around them and understand the importance of providing them with a safe and nurturing environment in which to thrive.  In my free time, I like to travel, play guitar, read comics, and play board games with friends. “

Adriena Sadílková 

Teaching Assistant, native Czech speaker

Education: high school

“I have been helping out at Opalinca for several years. When I started working here, I was really excited to work with children, even the smallest ones, and that’s why I decided  to continue on this path. So my current goal is to study at university school in preschool pedagogy. I love watching children’s progress, laughing with them or just talking. I believe that the most important thing is to treat children with respect and love so that a pleasant environment can be created in kindergarten.”

Julie Zedníková 

Teaching Assistant, native Czech speaker

Education: high school

“My name is Julie, my education was in the art sphere, which is one of my goals that I would like to pass on to children. I also have a year of intensive English studies, which allows me to work as effectively as possible with teachers who are native speakers of the English language. Working with children fulfills me. Their first years of life are crucial and they need to start in an environment full of respect and understanding. In an environment where they can be themselves and where they look for their interests. That’s the most important thing for me. I am at the beginning of my teaching journey and plan to continue to educate myself in this area.
I spend a lot of time outdoors, I often read, sometimes I do graphics and illustrations, I paint and I am generally a creative person.

Lenka Trig

Teaching Assistant, native Czech speaker

Education: high school

” My name is Lenka, I am a professional nanny and I have been working with children for many years. At the age of 18, I traveled for the first time outside the borders of the Czech Republic to England, where I worked as an au-pair. After returning, I was definitely convinced that I would continue in this profession. My priority has always been individual care. So I started working as a nanny in Czech and mixed families, where I provided complete childcare and minor housework. After a few years of experience in Czech and Czech-English kindergartens, I came to Opalinka, which became my second home thanks to the friendly and family atmosphere. I like to create, sing, read books and do Montessori activities with children. It always charms me with its immediacy. It’s a wonderful job when you see how children can learn quickly. It brings a lot of joy.


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