There is a golden rule in Opalinka: the first child is always followed by other siblings to our kindergarten. Children appreciate our kind approach and playful program, and parents are excited about the advances children make almost every day.

What parents say about Opalinka? 

Thais Castanheira de Casto and her son Leo (English)

“Leonardo is Brazilian and speaks Portuguese, so we wanted him to go to a bilingual school where he could learn English and Czech. We also wanted a place he could stay until going to primary school and it was a surprise discovering Central Preschool. You would think a 3yo boy wouldn’t want to go to school and stay home with mommy, but he absolutely loves it!It’s incredible to see how much he has learnt since he started there, 10 months ago. His vocabulary in English is superb, he can already understand Czech and speak very well. Not to mention all the great experiences – artistic, sportistic, turistic – he’s enjoying. We are all so happy with the school and the teachers and the whole program.”

Lenka C. and daughter of Sofie

“We discovered Opalinka by chance, when we were looking for a good kindergarten for our, at that time not even three-year-old daughter Sofie, which would combine teaching in both Czech and English. Opalinka clearly fulfilled all our requirements for beautiful and modern furnished kindergarten and we were pleasantly surprised by the varied program, and always pleasant and smiling teachers who are really devoted to the children.

The morning program is entirely in English with native speakers and in the afternoon it is mixed also with Czech. As a result, our daughter plays and talks in English with her toys at home, or even sits at her desk for several hours, cutting, gluing, drawing, or painting, humming a song or showing us all the elements of yoga, she learned in kindergarten. In a single word: amazing!”

Petra Bartoňová and her son Štěpán (Czech)

Klára Mašínová and her son Tadeáš (Czech)

Miroslava Paidarová
and her daughters Laura and Anna

“Great, great and great once again. The children liked Opalinka very much and they said: Mom, we don’t want to go to another kindergarten anymore. Maybe it doesn’t need another comment. I can only highly recommend.”


Opalinka Flora
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Head of Opalinka Flora


Opalinka mateřská škola a jesle s.r.o.
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Slezská 117

130 00 Praha 3-Vinohrady

Opening hours
Mo-Fri 8 AM to 6 PM (English program)
Mo-Fri 8 AM to 5 PM (Czech program)

Corporate information

Opalinka mateřská škola a jesle s.r.o.

Registration number: 03708411

File number: C 236535 (Municipal Court in Prague)


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We would like to inform you that we succeeded in applying for a grant from the European Union funds within the Operational Program Research, Development and Education (Templates II. For OPALINKA kindergarten and nursery sro, reg. Number CZ.02.3.X /0.0/0.0/18_064/0013161). Our goal is personal development of teachers, joint education of children and pupils, facilitating the transition of children from kindergarten to elementary school and support extracuricular activities incl. cooperation with parents of children and pupils.

We would like to inform you that we have succeeded in applying for a subsidy from the European Union funds within the Operational Program Prague - Growth Pole of the Czech Republic 07.4.68 (0.0 / 0.0 / 18_066 / 0001353). Our aim is to improve the quality of education by promoting a favorable environment for the inclusion of children with other than Czech mother tongue.

We would like to inform you that we have succeeded in applying for a subsidy from the European Union funds, within the Operational Program Prague - Growth Pole of  the Czech Republic (Multicultural Education in OPALINKA kindergarten and nursery sro, reg. Number CZ.07.4.68 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 17_045 / 0000661). The project is focused on the personnel support of the OPALINKA kindergarten consisting in the introduction of a bilingual assistant for children with different mother tongue, education and personal development of the teacher kindergarten staff focused on intercultural community activities and support for an inclusive school environment. The aim of the project is to develop in areas that the school will identify as a priority for its development and future direction in creating a pro-inclusive school environment and for the inclusion of children and pupils with different mother tongues.